Aerolite: Meteorites for Sale
Visit Meteorite Men co-star Geoffrey Notkin's Aerolite Meteorites—one of the world's top meteorite websites, specializing in superior quality meteorites for sale, as well as a gallery of original meteorite photography, expedition reports, photo journals, rare meteorite books, science articles and more.
The world's finest meteorites for sale, and exclusive vendor for the celebrated Notkin Collection of Meteorites. Exceptional meteorite photos and specimens.

Steve Arnold Meteorites
Meteorite Men co-star Steve Arnold's personal site, home of "The World's Most Famous Meteorite Hunter," for meteorites for sale, photos, and more.

Club Space Rock
The 21st Century's best free online forum for learning about meteorites and meteorite hunting

The Tricotottet Collection
Dedicated to the preservation of important natural history items, the Tricottet Collection is one of our favorite sites on the web. Featuring outstanding photos of exemplary specimens, and a wealth of information about historic collections, specimen cards, and influential researchers. Highly recommended.

Meteorite Adventures
Now you can go on an actual meteorite hunting expedition with Meteorite Men stars Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkin. Hunt for space rocks with the stars and experience using the giant meteorite detector in person!

Meteorites and Meteorite Hunting with Geoffrey Notkin at
Science writer, columnist, television host and meteorite hunter Geoffrey Notkin shares photos, stories, quips, anecdotes and meteorite science in his personal weblog
The premier meteorite website offering a free online monthly magazine, Meteorite Classifieds and much more. A vital and comprehensive resource for meteorite enthusiasts. Don't miss it!
Beautifully designed site with a fine collection of affordable meteorites and meteorite-related impactites for sale. Recommended.

The International Meteorite Collectors' Association is one of our favorite outfits. The IMCA is dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards within the meteorite collecting community, as well as providing educational resources about meteorites. Steve and Geoff are both IMCA members. Very highly recommended and a really great website too!
Home of the world famous Meteorite Mailing List and list archives, and an excellent meteorite news source and comprehensive links page. Highly recommended.

Meteorwritings – Learn About Meteorites
Learn all about meteorites, meteorite hunting, and meteorite identification in this ongoing monthly science column presented by
A useful online resource with basic meteorite information, excellent photos, and a collection of links to important meteorite sites

Meteorite Identification – Have You Found a Meteorite?
A comprehensive guide to identifying suspected meteorites, complete with photos and simple tests you can perform at home.

Campo del Cielo Meteorites for Sale
The Best Campos - The Best Prices. A commercial website offering top quality Campo del Cielo iron meteorites at affordable prices.


HOPE Animal Shelter – Adopt a Cat or Dog in Tucson
Our favorite local charity, HOPE, is Tucson's only real no-kill shelter. Please help our homeless cats and dogs.


Callisto Images – Nature and Science Photography
Tucson photographer Leigh Anne DelRay is a long-time friend and associate of the Meteorite Men. Visit her site a view a fantastic collection of nature and science images, portraits and fine art photography

Sirocco Design
Tucson silversmith and jeweler Lisa Marie is an Arizona institution. Unique hand made designs, and she's a meteorite hunter too!

Karl Jay Designs
Tucson designer Karl Covington is one of our favorite local artists and did the Flash animation for