AROUND THE WORLD Meteorite Men continues to air in the United States on Science channel and on Discovery Science and other networks around the world. The multi award-winning series has informed and educated literally millions of viewers, in many countries, about meteorite science and recovery. Geoff and Steve remain actively involved in meteorite research and continue to make new finds and discoveries. Connect with the guys on Facebook and Twitter.
STEM JOURNALS Geoff of MM remains active in television and cinema. He hosts the exciting educational series STEM Journals [pictured] and has guested on many other shows including Globe Trekker, Ancient Aliens and How To Build A Universe with Richard Hammond. He is also a producer on the film Unfinished Business and associate producer for Radio Free Albemuth, based on the book by famed science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick. He is also on the advisory board of Deep Space Industries and the Astrosociology Research Institute.
LEARN ABOUT METEORITES In response to global growing interest in meteorites and meteorite recovery, the Meteorite Men founded Club Space Rock. With over 3,000 international members, it is the world's largest meteorite forum and membership is free. We also send out a monthly formatted newsletter about our work and we invite you to join the Meteorite Men mailing list. And be sure to visit our Meteorite News page on Pinterest where all the latest meteorite-related stories and photos are posted. Updated daily!