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ABOUT THE SHOW The hit series Meteorite Men won two Telly Awards and aired worldwide on Discovery networks and other channels. It has introduced millions of people to meteorite science and recovery and resulted in many important new finds. To learn more about Meteorite Men please read our [Official Meteorite Men Episode Guide] visit with us on Facebook and Twitter

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METEORITE BOOKS Geoff Notkin of Meteorite Men is an award-winning author, photographer and columnist. His books include Treasure from Space and Rock Star: Adventures of a Meteorite Man and have enthralled readers all over the planet. In a recent review Astronomy magazine said: "Rock Star is a fantastic blend of adventure story, meteorites, rock 'n' roll, and everything else that's fun in life. Every meteorite collector, astronomy enthusiast, and soul with a zest for life should own and treasure a copy!" More >>>
ONGOING WORK Our flagship site Aerolite Meteorites provides the very finest in meteorite specimens to collectors, universities, and museums. Geoff Notkin of "MM" is President of the National Space Society and continues to work in TV and film around the world. He won two Emmy Awards for his educational series, STEM Journals. Want to learn more about meteorites, Meteorite Men, and our ongoing work? We send out a monthly newsletter (sign up below), make public appearances and are very active in education and outreach. Learn more >>>

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